Thursday, September 28, 2023
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WhatsApp tests usernames

The importance that Meta attaches to WhatsApp is becoming more and more evident. Mind you, I’m not saying that it was irrelevant to you before, but for some time now, and especially since the company’s turnaround after the Metaverse fiasco, the doyen of instant messaging services for smartphones has come to be in the center of the company’s interests, given its enormous possibilities of becoming a tool that provides income to it.

This same week we told you that the service has already begun to deploy the message editing function , but that is just the latest of a huge amount of news that, either in test mode or in its final version, we are seeing on WhatsApp in recent times. For quite some time now, WhatsApp has had the reputation of being the most limited of services of this type, but without a doubt they are shaking off that label at the speed of light.

Still, there are still some features that have been around for years in rival services , so the catch-up effort isn’t over yet. However, if this rate of updating is maintained, we can hope that convergence in this sense will not take too long to become a reality. And this is key for a service like WhatsApp, which currently occupies the first position in market share, if it does not want to see it threatened by more competitive proposals.

WhatsApp tests usernames

The latest example of progress in this regard is found in a new function, currently in testing, detected again by WABetaInfo , WhatsApp is testing a function that allows users to use a unique username, which will allow users to be added without having to They share the phone number . This, without a doubt, can increase the use of the service, since providing a username is much less compromised than giving the telephone number.

Yes, I know and that is why I clarified it before, this function has been present in other services for many years, but until now the link to the telephone number was an idiosyncratic characteristic of WhatsApp . The arrival of the companion mode began to mean a certain break with that paradigm, and that now the same account can be used on two or more smartphones, even if they do not share the same phone number, represents a new advance in this regard.


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