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WhatsApp will allow screen sharing

We have just started the week and we already have news about another novelty that will arrive soon on WhatsApp . Lately I have listed, on several occasions, the latest announcements and tests released in the beta versions to prove that Meta has got its act together with its instant messaging service (well, one of them, since we must remember that they also have Facebook Messenger). , to the point that they don’t seem to want to catch up with their competitors, but to get ahead of them when it comes to features.

This actually makes all the sense in the world, since WhatsApp continues to be the most widely used instant messaging service in the world today , although this is largely due to the fact that it was the first to arrive and achieve popularity, becoming In this way with many users who, for convenience, custom, environment, etc., remain faithful to this service, despite the fact that other alternatives are much more complete in terms of functions, security and others.

As I recalled a few days ago, after the disaster that its commitment to the Metaverse has caused for Meta, its managers have assumed that it was necessary to focus on other products and services of the company , with WhatsApp as a predominant point in said plan . This does not mean, of course, that they abandon their commitment to virtual reality and everything that can come from it, and as proof we have the news that we gave you this morning, about the launch plans for the Meta Quest 3 viewer. , which will undoubtedly try to fish in the troubled waters by the already very close Apple augmented reality viewer.

WhatsApp will allow screen sharing

Thus, if last week’s novelties were the possibility of editing messages and tests with usernames , today we start the week knowing that Meta is testing the screen sharing function in WhatsApp . More specifically, and as we can read in WABetaInfo , the technology company has begun to deploy this function in the beta version ( of its client for Android, integrating it into the functions accessible from the app when we are having a videoconference through the service . However, the deployment appears to be selective, as not all users with this version already have the feature.

Screen sharing is undoubtedly an excellent function in many circumstances , such as reproducing a procedure so that the other person can learn how to carry it out, or being able to guide a user to try to solve a problem on their device, with the possibility of reviewing your configuration while following our instructions.

It will be necessary to see, however, the level of control that this function offers to the user who shares his screen . It is likely that in this implementation all its content will be shared, including system notifications, but for it to be more practical it would be necessary that, in the future, it allow us to choose if we want to share the entire screen, the entire screen except notifications , a particular app, etc.


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