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Wi-Fi range and signal problems: when a repeater is not enough

Wi-Fi range and signal problems are something that happens quite frequently , and in fact it is more common in those homes that continue to use the router that their Internet provider installed when they contracted their services. This is something that is quite normal because, in the end, most of the routers that are delivered have quite modest features, and with the passage of time they become obsolete.

I have known, first-hand, cases of users who had been using an old router for several years that was not even compatible with the Wi-Fi 5 standard, and who nevertheless had a broadband Internet connection contracted because their operator had The connection speed was increasing, but the router had not changed. Today it is common to find many homes with connections that could take advantage of the Wi-Fi 6 standard, but do not have a compatible router.

This is a problem because that old router will not really have the capacity for us to really enjoy the maximum speed of the connection that we are paying for, and also because it may be very limited in terms of range and Wi-Fi signal level, and in the end this It can end up giving us serious headaches, since in many cases we will not be able to solve it with a Wi-Fi repeater .

Range and Wi-Fi signal: when the problem is in the router that the operator gives us

Wi-Fi range and signal

The range and the Wi-Fi signal of our Internet connection will be determined, at the base, by the router . It is true that both values can be affected by interference, by distance and by obstacles encountered, but in the end it will be the router that determines the output value they will have. If said value is very poor, that base will be so bad that we will not be able to fix it even with a Wi-Fi repeater.

We could make a very simple and very accurate analogy. If the quality of the music offered by a player is bad, do you think you could improve it by turning up the volume? No, right? Well, the same would happen if you try to add a Wi-Fi repeater when the wireless connection base provided by the router is very poor, in the end you would not be able to really improve the user experience, since the problem comes from the router itself.

As I said at the beginning of the article, this is something that still happens quite frequently with the routers that the operator gives us, and that tend to stay in our home for many years. Time does not pass in vain, and in the end they become obsolete devices that do not support new standards, and that are not really prepared to offer us a good user experience.

The ideal solution in this case would be to change the router for a more current one that can not only work at the level we need to take advantage of our Internet connection, but also have an internal configuration powerful enough to offer range values and a signal Optimal Wi-Fi, and that it is compatible with the Wi-Fi 6 standard. Remember that, in fiber optic connections, we must connect and configure it through an ONT.

The German manufacturer AVM has very interesting options in its catalog with which we can make the most of our Internet connection , improve the range and strength of the signal and enjoy all the advantages offered by the Wi-Fi 6 standard without having to to make a big investment. One of the best options today that we can find in terms of price-performance is in the AVM Fritz!Box 4060, a tri-band model with Wi-Fi 6 support that is capable of reaching combined speeds of up to 6 Gbps, and which is reduced to 184.99 euros .

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