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Windows 11 adoption doesn't improve with Windows 12 just around the corner

New month and same story. The share of Windows 11 has not just risen and everything indicates that it will not be able to overcome the king of the desktop , Windows 10, before the launch of Windows 12.

Microsoft is promoting Windows 11 in every possible way. This same week he assured that it was “the most reliable version” and that its performance had improved. He also noted that the Windows ecosystem had 1 billion active computers, but did not offer specific data by version. They must not have good numbers and continue to use aggressive advertising and shady patterns to convince users of its benefits. Not everything is criticizable and we have also recently received the Moments 3 version with many new features, light, but which are welcome to improve the system.

But there is no way. Windows 11 has not made users fall in love with a chaotic management of hardware requirements; update failures; broken feature promises; Improvable performance and ultimately because it does not go beyond a “tuned Windows 10” .

Windows 11 adoption isn’t improving

Despite the fact that Microsoft no longer distributes Windows 10 licenses and that all new OEM computers are sold with Windows 11 pre-installed, its market share remains in the neighborhood of 20%. According to Statcounter data, it’s even down this month to 22.95%. Meanwhile, Windows 10 remains almost unchanged and rose a few tenths to 71.9% .

As expected, other versions like Windows 7 have plummeted since Microsoft ended the Extended Security Update program in January 2023 and other software vendors have stopped supporting it. Even so, the 3.61% share still means many teams. As for Windows 8 / 8.1, they are already residual versions with just a few tenths of the share. Windows XP completes the ecosystem with 0.32%.

Windows 11 adoption doesn't improve with Windows 12 just around the corner

Outside of Windows, the 18% that Statcounter assigns to Apple’s OS X stands out. As for Linux, it remains unchanged at just under 3%. We must add, for the part of Linux it uses, 3.54% of Google’s Chrome OS. To say that the Windows ecosystem as a whole has been falling throughout 2023 and “only” has 62% of the total.

Windows 11 adoption doesn't improve with Windows 12 just around the corner

All this always according to the Statcounter data, which as you know is not pure mathematics and can only serve as a statistical approximation. In addition, there are 13% of “unknown” systems that their metrics are not capable of assigning. In any case, these data (in the absence of other officials that no technology provides) help us to see the trends of the computer desktop.

And in case you’re wondering… Yes, Windows 12 is just around the corner and Windows 10 (not Windows 11) aims to be the dominant system when it launches.


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