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Windows 11 receives some "widgets" that allow you to monitor the CPU, the GPU, the RAM and the network

Monitoring your computer’s resources is important if you’re making heavy use of your computer or testing software under development that can lead to things like memory leaks (although that’s also found in officially released stable products), so as part of At the BUILD 2023 conference, it was announced the development of widgets for Windows 11 that allow you to easily monitor CPU, GPU, RAM, network usage and more.

Widgets to monitor the resources of a computer in Windows 11

The new widgets for monitoring computer resources in Windows 11 are now available through the preview version of the Dev Start app , which can be obtained from the Microsoft Store or from GitHub . Once the application has been installed, the user has to press the Win + W key combination to open the Windows widgets section , from which it will be possible to add those that allow monitoring of the computer’s resources.

Add a new widget in Windows 11

Alternatively, it is possible to click on the “+” button that appears next to each widget to add it . The Preview of the Dev Starter app currently offers widgets for CPU, GPU, RAM, Network, SSH Keychain, and various tools for GitHub. The source application hints that these plugins have not been released yet in a stable phase, so they can give bugs and problems. Because of that, we recommend all users to take precautions in case they want to use them, especially when it comes to making backup copies.

CPU and GPU widgets in Windows 11

We will see how far the development of these widgets that allow us to monitor the resources available on the computer goes, because, due to their origin, we must not rule out the possibility that they end up being discontinued even before they are published in a stable phase. We are not facing an addition that is going to revolutionize the way Windows is used, but it will undoubtedly be very useful for those who should be aware to avoid problems.


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