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Windows 11 will allow you to review the photos of the smartphone

Microsoft continues to test and add functions to Windows 11 because, as we know, the most current version of its operating system still does not attract many people who, for multiple reasons, still stick with Windows 10. Thus, as we told you this morning , The countdown to the arrival of Windows 12 seems to have been activated for some time now, which could lead to the fact that, when it is released, Windows 10 will still exceed the user quota of Windows 11.

And what reasons are those that you mentioned above, to stay in Windows 10? Well, without going any further, a couple of weeks ago we gave you six reasons not to jump to Windows 11 and, as you can see in said article, all of them are based on the experience of having tried it . An experience in which the novelties and advantages do not contribute enough to compensate for the inconveniences that this change poses.

So, in addition to polishing the problems, Redmond is also aware that it is necessary to make Windows 11 more attractive to all those reluctant users, and the truth is that it is a technique that can work. With new features exclusive to Windows 11, such as support for Android apps or the full implementation of DirectStorage, the list of reasons in favor is undoubtedly growing at a good pace.

Windows 11 will allow you to review the photos of the smartphone

One of the points on which they have focused is the integration between the PC and the smartphone, a very complete connection in the case of Android, and which has also seen its functions grow in iOS recently . And now, as we can read on the Windows blog , insiders are receiving a build of Windows 11 that allows access to images stored on the smartphone from the PC . This novelty has debuted on the Dev channel and comes with build 23471.

In this development version, when accessing the image gallery with Windows Explorer , a new button is displayed, with the text “Add photos” and a mobile icon . By clicking on it, a QR code will be displayed that we will have to scan with the mobile to carry out the necessary configuration settings to be able to use this new and interesting function. Although there is no specific information about how it works, OneDrive is mentioned, which in a previous test of this function should also be used in its test mode, that is, as OneDrive Insider.

Thus, we can imagine that, in reality, what this new function provides is a faster and easier way to use OneDrive as a gateway for files between the PC and other devices. If they have really managed to make it work well and that the underlying technology continues precisely like that, without showing, this may be another of those functions that add more attractiveness to Windows 11.-


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