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Windows 11 will receive a new Microsoft Defender, with important changes at the interface level

Microsoft Defender is, without a doubt, one of the best antivirus solutions for Windows 10, and also for Windows 11. It not only offers a high degree of protection , but also has a minimal impact on system performance and its interface is friendly and easy to use. Interesting, right? And the best thing is that, on top of that, it’s totally free , and it comes pre-installed with both operating systems.

Unless you are a real disaster, or in very specific cases that only apply to the professional sector, it is unnecessary for you to consider resorting to a third-party security solution if you use Microsoft Defender on Windows 10 or Windows 11, as long as you keep them properly updated, obviously. With this I do not mean that it is a perfect security solution, but it is obviously very good, and on top of that it is free.

Microsoft is aware of the success that Microsoft Defender has had, and therefore continues to work to introduce improvements that keep it as a modern, effective and attractive security solution. In this sense, we know that the Redmond giant is working on a cross version of Microsoft Defender that will be compatible with Windows 11, Android, iOS and macOS, and that it is known by the code name “Gibraltar”.

We don’t have a concrete release date yet, so right now we can only wait, but this new version will most likely land on Windows 11 within a few months, at the latest. However, please note that this app will not replace the original one, which comes pre-installed with Windows 11.

Windows 11 will receive a new Microsoft Defender, with important changes at the interface level

New Microsoft Defender for Windows 11, iOS, Android, and macOS

As we anticipated, this new version will be able to run without problems on those four platforms, and as we see in the attached image, it will be possible to view the status and protection of all the devices that are linked to our account [19459005 ] of Microsoft Defender. Listed in that image are an Android smartphone, a Windows 11-based desktop, and a MacBook.

“Gibraltar” will be a multi-platform solution, and will be generally available, that is, it will not be limited to the professional sector. If you are wondering if it will be free or paid, I have good news for you: it will be completely free , so you can enjoy it on all your compatible devices, and without having to spend a penny.

The details we have are still somewhat scarce, but Microsoft itself has confirmed that this application has been written, from scratch, to ensure full compatibility and optimization under Windows 11 , uses web components and it takes a similar approach, in terms of interface, to what we saw in the enterprise version of Microsoft Defender.

As expected, Microsoft Defender “Gibraltar” will have necessary modifications to achieve optimized use at the general consumption level . This will be noted in numerous functions, such as the possibility of adding members of our family to the security panel, and of creating invitations through email or QR codes.



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