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Windows has more than a billion users, according to Microsoft

Microsoft pokes chest with its operating system and ensures that they provide “excellent performance for more than a billion users around the world .” Ergo, we can say that the Windows developer makes public a fact that is not usually pronounced.

In fact, when we assign numbers or percentages to software quotas, read operating systems as it happens now, but also browsers or other types of applications, it is generally based on statistics that in no case show absolute data , but rather an indicative whose We don’t know the reliability, but we use it nonetheless.

Thus, while the percentage of market share of Windows remains high and far from the second and anyone who knows a little knows that it reflects reality, giving an exact number is a risky exercise, since it is not even known how many working devices are out there. At most, you have an estimate of those who are connected to the Internet.

Having said that, it is worth mentioning that Windows has been in decline for a couple of years and, without going any further, with data from this month , its PC market share is 62.65%, the lowest it has had since it measurements are published. But let’s apply what has already been warned: all this is according to what a source of statistics indicates.

Microsoft confirms Windows 10 22H2 by mistake

The only certain thing in this regard is that, in the field of the PC, Windows is the reference . That is not debatable. However, for more data, which is usually said, those that Microsoft itself now provides in the Windows blog with an approximate figure, but as round as a billion; a trillion in Anglo-Saxon accounts.

The figure, in fact, is higher, since there is talk of more than a billion users , but without specifying much more, which suggests that they will have a fork that does not reach one and a half .

As an example, a couple of pieces of news: three years ago, in March 2020 , it was published that one billion active devices with Windows 10 alone had been exceeded, while last year the total figure was 1.4 billion users. . Which is right and which is wrong?

Well, it depends on the moment, the method and so on, although it should be noted once again that not even with a system that tracks the user like Windows, it is possible to extract an absolute number…. because there are many millions that do not connect to the Internet, many others that block system updates -the main source of measurement for Microsoft- and basic functions, etc.

The figure of one billion, if any, is significant for how things are, and that is that today we published the news that MIUI exceeds 600 million active users worldwide . In other words, Xiaomi, one of the most popular smartphone brands, but one among many.


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