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WWDC 2023: What to expect from the Apple event besides the Reality Pro device

Everything is ready in Cupertino for the celebration of WWDC 2023 , the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference that will be held from June 5 to 9 and will start with the traditional keynote in the pre-recorded online format used in the pandemic years.

The event with Apple developers is the most important of those that the company celebrates annually, even above the presentation of its flagship product, the new generations of iPhone that are usually announced in September. Apple takes care of developers like few other companies and it is not strange considering the multi-million dollar figures registered by the App Store.

In addition to development, the world leader in consumer technologies by revenue and profit, always takes advantage of this conference to present the new versions of all its operating systems and also new hardware, generally new Mac computers, although this year we will see a very special premiere. .

What we expect from WWDC 2023

Apple jealously guards the information on the products to be presented, but, like other companies, it does not escape the numerous leaks that try to get ahead of the opening conference. The following is expected this year:

Apple XR – Reality Pro

Apple’s mixed reality device , the long-awaited revitalization of a type of VR/AR technology that has failed to meet the enormous expectations it had generated, will be the star of the event. It has been in development since at least 2015 and in these years the company has accumulated talent based on the purchase of several companies specialized in AR hardware, 3D games and virtual reality software , highlighting the purchase of PrimeSense that developed the sensor technology for Microsoft Kinect .

From what we know so far (always unofficial information) the development of this project is known internally as T288. The viewfinder would offer a 16K resolution (8K in each eye) and the device would be completely wireless. It would work independently of iPhones and any other device, and would have its own “xrOS” operating system. It is suggested that it will be a device intended for a professional audience since its price will be quite high. Apple usually turns everything it develops into gold and they have revolutionized the industry with devices like the iPhone, iPad or the Watch, but this is an unknown terrain in which others have failed. There are doubts about its potential .

WWDC 2023

Mac Pro

Apple’s professional workstation is another of the great ones expected for WWDC 2023. And it is that its launch should serve to complete the transition to the silicon program, a change in the hardware architecture for its entire line of Mac personal computers, for the one that in three years would replace Intel’s x86 processors in favor of its own designs under the RISC architecture licensed by ARM.

The program has been a success so far, but it remains to be seen the capacity of ARM with the most powerful machines from Apple and if Apple engineers have managed to create a chip capable of facing, in performance, the Intel Xeon W that mounts the Current Mac Pro.

macbook air

January marked the 15th anniversary of the release of the MacBook Air. In this time, Apple has managed to make it one of the best-selling laptops and a reference when it comes to designing thin and light laptops . All the rumors suggest that we will see a new Air, the largest of those produced by Apple to date with a 15.5-inch diagonal screen.

Another point of interest of the new Air would be its main hardware engine. The current model was one of those updated with the M2 SoC, but the next one is already on the way. This is the Apple M3 which -according to information- is already being manufactured by the TSMC foundrie. From it we can expect more performance, less consumption and greater integration with its 3 nm.

WWDC 2023: What to expect from the Apple event besides the Reality Pro device

Operating systems and software

Apple usually releases new versions of its operating systems at this conference, delivering the first builds to developers. The newest this year would be the ‘ RealityOS ‘ abbreviated as ‘xrOS’ and that Apple has registered to govern its mixed reality device.

The most important, however, will continue to be iOS 17 , the next version of the operating system for iPhones and from which interesting news is expected. Most notably, iOS 17 will turn the iPhone’s lock screen interface into a connected home screen. It will include a diary app that will also be combined with the also rumored function for monitoring the emotional state of the user. It will also include major feature updates like Siri, Wallet, Find My, SharePlay, and AirPlay.

It will not be the only thing because the new versions of macOS for Mac computers are expected; iPadOS for iPad tablets and watchOS for its wearables and tvOS for streamers and multimedia content service.

Considering that this event is aimed at developers, we can expect news for them too, especially in existing mobile app conversion tools for Macs with Xcode, a solution that offers native compilers, editors, and debugging tools, as well as the Rosetta 2 virtualization technology for developers to port existing iOS and iPadOS apps to new ARM Macs without modification.

WWDC 2023 Agenda

  • Host: Apple
  • When: From June 5 to 9, 2023
  • Where: Apple Park – Cupertino
  • Content: Keynote. Presentation of electronic product, software and services. Technical sessions with developers.
  • Web: Developer-Apple

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