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XPG Vault, a mouse with a built-in SSD to store your games

Facing the imminent celebration of the CES 2022 fair , this year with a somewhat more extended in-person participation, without missing some surprises such as those proposed by XPG , the well-known brand of storage memories surprises us with this concept of gaming mouse.

As ADATA has shared , for now called XPG Vault , it would be a fairly simple USB-C mouse, with unspecified features but that will not stand out. especially. Although its true speed will reside within it, with the capacity to house up to 1 TB of SSD memory that can run at surprisingly fast speeds up to 985 MB / s .

In addition, this storage unit can be controlled through the XPG Gaming Launcher game software application, which as the company anticipates « promises to make its game libraries conveniently portable and add a higher level of game integration with the XPG Prime software ecosystem «.

However, at the moment XPG has not mentioned IPRs or any other specific specifications, so we could still expect some change after its prototype phase. On the other hand, although the document seems to make no mention of it, one of the details that we can see is the fact that the XPG Vault seems to point to a wireless connectivity system , therefore, being presented Along with the Alpha XPGs, it could target the hybrid use of Bluetooth and 2.4 Ghz dongle.

XPG CES 2022

Thus, this will not be the only presence of XPG at CES 2022, in this same official note we also see that the company will carry some of the latest products presented and that they could go on the market during the next year, including PCIe Gen5X SSDs , new DDR5 DRAM memories, PC internals, or their new family of Alpha XPG Wired and Wireless gaming mice.



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