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How to prevent my dog ​​from eating feces

If your dog starts eating feces, you must be very careful to correct and avoid this unhealthy and unhygienic habit. The cause of your canine companion practicing coprophagia (ingestion of feces) may be due to a nutritional deficit , or it may be a response to anxiety, boredom or stress , and it is even possible that he has copied that behavior from other animals. We are going to give you some tips on how to prevent your dog from eating feces.

Steps to follow:


Cleanliness and hygiene are basic, so collect your dog’s feces that you find around the house on a daily basis . If there is no defecation in sight of your dog, there will be no unwanted intake.


Distribute your dog ‘s food intake throughout the day, in small portions . He will eat the same, but he will not have any extra hunger urges to ingest faeces. Do not forget that many times, your dog eats feces because he has some food deficit that the animal tries to supply.


Keep your dog very active and entertained . Exercise with your dog, let him be distracted with toys. The point is that he does not feel stress or boredom , because these feelings degenerate into very negative habits such as eating his feces. If he spends a lot of time alone at home, find a way to shorten those time slots, so he doesn’t feel so anxious.


When you walk your dog, correct his behavior. Take a walk keeping it well secured. If he comes near the feces of other animals or his own, be firm and tell him “no .” Or also, you can distract his attention every time he shows interest in defecation, with a toy or a prize.


One way to prevent your dog from eating feces is to alter the taste of the stool . And this is achieved naturally by eating pumpkin, pineapple, or putting something spicy on them. Or there are even products like For-Bid that produce a bad taste in your dog’s feces . But remember that this solution should be administered only to the animal that has the habit of ingesting feces.

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