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If your dog ‘licks’ the air, this could be the reason

A behavior that may seem “normal” in dogs could hide another cause, according to experts. This is how, when they “lick” the air repeatedly, they would be manifesting a negative emotional state. We tell you more!

expressive behavior

It may seem like a funny or curious act to you, but the dogs would have a deeper reason for pretending to lick the air. Apparently, they would be manifesting a stress that most of the time would be “infected” by people , explains a new study published in the journal Behavioral Processes .

Dogs would "lick" the air out of stress.  Photo: Markus Gann/EyeEm/Getty Images
Dogs would “lick” the air out of stress. Photo: Markus Gann/EyeEm/Getty Images

The research found that dogs of various breeds , seeing images of people with angry or aggressive faces, licked the air, describes psychologist Stanley Coren in the journal Psychology Today . That behavior would be, they believe, as a resource that the dog would use to calm down.

An interesting fact also emerged in the investigation: this reaction occurred only when seeing human faces and not when seeing those of other dogs.

5 signs your dog is stressed

In addition to “licking” the air, there would be other indicators that your dog is suffering from stress. Some that the PetMD veterinary site lists are:

  • You have diarrhea or are constricted. These digestive changes could indicate that your dog is suffering from anxiety. If it lasts more than 24 hours, contact your vet.
  • Does not eatOne cause could be stress.
  • He isolates himself If you don’t want to get close to people and/or dogs, for example.
  • He sleeps too much. If he begins to sleep more than usual and you notice him lethargic.
  • Assault others. If your dog suddenly becomes aggressive towards other dogs or people, it could be due to stress.
If your dog sleeps little and seems listless, he may be suffering from stress.  Photo: Victoria Neer/Getty Images
If your dog sleeps little and seems listless, he may be suffering from stress. Photo: Victoria Neer/Getty Images

how to help

The same site gives these guidelines to act:

  • Play with him. Physical activity will lower his anxiety levels.
  • Create a “safe zone”. If you are going to have a party at your house, for example, find a place for your dog that is isolated from the hustle and bustle. Provide him with a toy or blanket that he often uses to feel secure.
  • Choose good quality foods. What your dog is eating could be causing anxiety or stress. Take care of his diet and choose the best for him!

And if you have doubts, consult with the veterinarian.

And you, how do you realize what your dog feels?



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