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My dog ​​has a ball in the neck: why and what do I do?

When petting your dog, you may notice that a lump has appeared on his neck, which is normal and causes you great concern. Probably, one of the first things you think of is that it is a tumor, but you should know that there are other less serious causes for which this problem can appear.

If you ask yourself “why does my dog ​​have a lump in his neck and what do I do ?”, keep reading because in this OneHOWTO article we answer your question and help you know how to act in this situation, as well as to differentiate a malignant lump from a benign one.

dog neck abscess

If you’re wondering “why is my dog’s neck swollen and balled up?” know that it may be due to an abscess . It is an infection under the skin that appears in the form of a lump due to the pus that accumulates in that part. These are usually soft lumps, so if you think “my dog ​​has a soft lump on his neck”, this is probably the problem, although there may be other causes. The most frequent causes for which this type of lumps, abscesses, usually appear are the following:

  • Fights between dogs . If your dog during a fight is bitten by another dog, a wound is created that, by not being healed and healed as it should, the skin closes inadequately and the infection inside continues to increase.
  • Insect bites can also create a wound that follows the same improper process as above.
  • A nailed object , such as a spike or spike. To avoid this, you can check your dog if you have been in a place where something could have been nailed to prevent the wound from closing poorly.

You must properly disinfect and heal the wounds that appear on your dog in order to prevent them from becoming infected and creating abscesses. It is recommended to go to the veterinarian if you suspect that your dog has this problem, since although sometimes it opens and drains on its own, it surely needs a correct disinfection and sometimes it is necessary to administer antibiotics to ensure that the infection disappears. If the abscess does not drain on its own, the vet will make a small incision and drain the contents to thoroughly clean the tissues and heal the wound.

My dog ​​has a lump in the neck: why and what do I do - Dog neck abscesses

swollen lymph nodes

The lymph nodes of a dog, like those of the human, are responsible for defending the body against pathogens capable of causing damage to its body. Therefore, it is not uncommon that if your dog is suffering from a disease, the nodes of the affected part become inflamed. Swollen glands in the neck area can be caused by oral problems , such as periodontal disease. Given this, the dog will surely present pain when eating, hypersalivation, fever and lethargy.

The veterinarian will be in charge of diagnosing your dog and confirming whether this lump or swelling is really a swollen node or not, and will apply the appropriate treatment depending on the problem to be treated.

dog neck tumors

If your question is “why does my dog ​​have a hard lump on his neck ?”, you need to know how to differentiate this texture, since a hard lump that grows can mean a bigger problem than a soft one.

As you probably already know, cells multiply throughout life. This process can be altered and the cells replicate faster and without control, giving rise to lumps that can be benign or malignant , which can only be determined by a veterinarian through biopsy or cytology. Depending on the location where the tumor is and the time it has been there, the seriousness of the situation is determined. Treatment usually involves surgical removal of the lump .

It is recommended that from the age of 6-7 your dog go to check-ups frequently with the intention of finding lumps or balls, since if it is something malignant, the sooner it is treated, the more chances the dog will have of overcoming the problem.

My dog ​​has a lump in the neck: why and what do I do - Dog neck tumors

Other Causes of a Lump in a Dog’s Neck

Other causes for which balls or lumps can appear on a dog’s neck are the following:

  • Allergies: such as a bee sting or some other type of insect, such as a scorpion or scorpion sting . The veterinarian will be in charge of applying the appropriate treatment depending on the symptoms and the condition that the dog has.
  • Reaction at the point of injection: sometimes lumps or balls can appear on the dog’s skin , just below it, that is, subcutaneously, due to an injection of a medicine or a vaccine in this area. Normally, these lumps go away on their own in a short time.
  • Sebaceous cysts: This happens due to the blockage of a sebaceous gland. They are lumps or balls that also usually disappear on their own.

What do I do if I see that my dog ​​has a lump on his neck?

If you have noticed that your dog has a lump in the neck , it is best to go to the vet as soon as possible to rule out any type of tumor or pathology or find it in time, in order to prevent it from developing and eliminate it. However, you can follow these tips if you ask yourself ” what do I do if my dog ​​has a ball in the neck? “:

  • Do not handle the bundle.
  • Do not try to drain it yourself.
  • If it is an abscess and it has burst, it is necessary to disinfect it by applying serum or water with neutral soap three times a day.
  • It is necessary that you make sure that your dog has good oral hygiene, in order to avoid dental infections, since they are a consequence of the appearance of wounds and lumps in the neck of your dog, as well as in the snout or other parts of face. If left untreated, they can cause a generalized infection throughout the body, which is much more serious.
  • If you have witnessed your dog being bitten by an insect, try applying ice wrapped in a cloth to reduce inflammation. Then apply soap and water to the area where the bite is located.

On some occasions, the administration of antibiotics or even surgery will be necessary, so you should not overlook going to a veterinarian so that they can indicate the most appropriate treatment.

My dog ​​has a lump in his neck: why and what do I do - What do I do if I see that my dog ​​has a lump in his neck

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