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AOC Q34E2A, review: the pleasure of working on an ultra-wide screen

The ultra-wide screens (or ultrawide) such as the AOC Q34E2A are the perfect solution for those of us who work with several applications at the same time, which is becoming more and more common every day. Anyone who needs to have a browser open, an Excel with several spreadsheets, the email manager, a Word … or more applications at the same time, will increase their productivity with never would have thought if they acquired an ultrawide screen .

Now that many of us telecommute, and most of us do it with a laptop, it is worth considering an investment as controlled in price as the 291 euros that the AOC Q34E2A costs. Having your laptop screen and connecting, via HDMI or DisplayPort, the AOC Q34E2A of 34 inches to your computer will represent a before and after in your daily work.

Of course, a second screen, even if it is not ultra-panoramic, will always increase your productivity, but the ultrawide ones are especially recommended, since their format, normally 21: 9 (in the case of the AOC analyzed, this is the case) , allows you to have more space horizontally, which is perfect for working with several windows at the same time, especially spreadsheets with many columns or even when you are working with video and need to see more frames.

AOC Q34E2A, análisis

AOC Q34E2A display specifications

Panel type IPS
Screen size
34 inch flat type
2,560 x 1,080
Bezel type (front)
Without frame on three sides
Aspect ratio
21: 9
Brightness in nits
Contrast ratio 1.000: 1 (static)
GTG response time 4 ms
Refresh rate 75 Hz
Synchronization Adaptive Sync
Display colors
16.7 million
Backlight WLED
Connectivity 2 HDMI 1.4. 1 DisplayPort 1.2. Headphone out (3.5mm)
Speaker power
3 W x 2
291 euros

AOC Q34E2A, análisis

Good quality / price ratio

AOC is a well-known Taiwanese brand of display manufacturing in whose catalog we find many examples of models that with an adjusted price offer good performance. This is the case of the AOC Q34E2A, a screen with IPS panel of 34 inches without frame on three sides, a ratio of 21: 9, 300 cd / m2 of brightness and WFHD resolution ( 2,560 x 1,080 ).

As usual in ultrawide screens, its IPS panel offers wide viewing angles (of 178 ° / 178 °), but it is true that there are some areas where perhaps due to an inhomogeneous intensity of the backlights can be seen dimly lit when they should be completely dark.

AOC Q34E2A, análisis

Although it is a very large screen, its 2,560 x 1,080 resolution does not make it particularly sharp, but the brightness is uniform and all-white backgrounds look clean and neutral. To reduce eyestrain, AOC incorporates Flicker-Free technology , which uses a DC backlight panel that reduces flickering light levels.

In addition, the Low Blue mode (low blue light) prevents short-wave blue light from causing eye damage. AOC’s Anti Blue Light technology blocks harmful blue light rays without altering the color of the screen, and this is a plus for this AOC model.

For their part, the integrated speakers , each with 3W power, are a good solution for listening to music, watching movies or enjoying games without having to connect external speakers, but the sound they offer leaves to be desired in the bass, although at low volume this is not so noticeable.


Ultrawide is not for everyone. If we are only going to use it for a window, better forget about it because we will have a lot of free space on the sides. But if we spend a lot of time between endless spreadsheets with many columns and we are used to having different applications open between which we exchange information, the AOC Q34E2A screen is perfect, an ideal solution for laptops, and more for those who have a single HDMI output. .

But offering this display at such a competitive price has forced AOC to cut costs in some respects. For example, it is not possible to adjust it in height (it can only be moved slightly forward) and the two HDMI 1.4 inputs and the other DisplayPort 1.2 in terms of standards are somewhat behind. Of course, if you want to mount it on the wall, it has a VESA mounting plate.

Final assessment


The AOC Q34E2A is a 34-inch three-sided bezel-less IPS panel display, a 21: 9 ratio, 300 cd / m2 brightness and WFHD resolution (2,560 x 1,080).

Construction quality 8

Installation and configuration 8



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