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Newskill Pyros Ivory Speed, review: smaller and faster

Just in time for Christmas, and closing a very complete 2020, the Spanish peripherals company today launched the new Newskill Pyros Ivory Speed, a new reversal of its recently updated compact keyboard , which in addition to joining its family of white Ivory devices, offers us a new assortment of switches to improve the gaming experience.

And what better way to present it, than with a complete analysis of it . Thus, as a personal detail that I always like to highlight in the analysis of this type of peripheral, in addition to the tests carried out, this article has been entirely written using this keyboard.

Newskill Pyros Ivory Speed ​​Specifications

Switches Kailh Speed ​​with Full Anti-ghosting
Polling rate <5 seconds via Bluetooth
Connectivity Bluetooth and USB-C
Software Yes (dedicated)
Lighting RGB backlight
Battery 1,450 mAh with up to 58 hours of autonomy
Dimensions 291.3 x 101.3 x 39.5 mm
Weight 0.58 kg
Price From 79.95 euros

Newskill Pyros Ivory Speed, review: smaller and faster

Starting with the packaging itself, we find a box reduced to the same size as the keyboard, showing us this compact size from the outset. However, this does not mean that we can continue to find the already classic additions of the brand, with some stickers, a small hanger for doorknobs, and a letter from the fictional character of Pyros Ivory Speed.

Moving on to its design, as we said without a doubt, the most remarkable aspect of this keyboard is its new 60% TKL size factor , a compact format that opts for the total elimination of the bezels, the upper keys for the functions, and the complete side number set to leave us with only the most essential. Although this does not mean we will lose functionality, since we can find many of these lost keys integrated as additional functions within the keyboard itself.

Although undoubtedly what will stand out most of its composition is the incorporation of three different options of Kailh Speed ​​switches, to be chosen from Copper, Bronze and Silver (the latter are present in the version analyzed here ), which with the same speed, offer us a different sensation for the pulsations. And it is that each of these switches has its actuation force, the pressure that must be exerted for the action to take place and this translates into a different feeling of pulsation, varying between a linear, tactile or «clicky ».

Although the three options will have a low travel activation system, with actuation forces between 40 and 50 grams, offering full anti-ghosting technology.

In addition, continuing with the functionalities presented by the first devices of this same family, this new Newskill keyboard will have other added functionality such as multimedia keys, to which we can assign all kinds of macros and shortcuts [ 19459003] for our team.

But that’s not all. Forming part of the Ivory family of peripherals, this analyzed model stands out for its completely white body , under which hides an RGB backlight for each of the keys, with a sufficient light output not only to be seen in darkness, but to offer a unique look during the day, creating an aura of color through all the keys and the internal structure of the keyboard with more than 17 predefined and configurable lighting modes .

Keeping portability and mobility as one of its strengths , the Newskill Pyros Ivory Speed ​​has dual connectivity, being able to connect it to our computer through a wireless connection via bluetooth, or analog with en the USB-C charging cable itself, allowing us to use it without interruption.

And it is that although the keyboard has a plug-and-play functionality and some presets in its own memory, allowing us to take advantage of all its functions without the need to install software, without a doubt the experience It is greatly improved when we make use of its free standalone software, available for download through the product page on the Newskill website.

Thus, thanks to its wireless connectivity, although this keyboard is designed mainly to be used on PCs, we will have the necessary support for its use on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S consoles. yes, under a reduced capacity of its functionalities.

In fact, although I personally like full-size keyboards, using the numpad daily for work tasks, I have noticed some improvement when using this keyboard . And it is that if we focus on the purely gaming field, the reduction of space gives a much greater freedom, avoiding some accidental knocks of the mouse.

Furthermore, proposed as a keyboard for the professional competitive scene , we wanted to focus our tests on some of the most popular titles of the moment such as Fortnite, League of Legends, Apex Legends, or Call of Duty: Warzone, in which, beyond my own ability (or lack thereof) they have offered a significant performance improvement, with some really useful macro keys.

Newskill Pyros Ivory Speed, review: smaller and faster

Even so, it is true that for the rest of the tasks we will require a little adaptation period, especially if we come from a full keyboard model. And it is that as we said, despite the elimination of the keys, the Newskill Pyros Ivory Speed ​​continues to offer all the special functions, which will be linked to different combinations together with the function key or Fn , highlighted in this keyboard with the brand’s logo and positioned in the lower right corner.

A fairly simple and fast learning process, and that, once we have done with it, offers great ease.

Undoubtedly this keyboard presents a new user experience for games, with a performance and a new format of keys that will offer us, once accustomed to it, a really tangible improvement in the face of speed of action. And is that if what we are looking for is a mechanical keyboard at the level of eSports professionals, maintaining all the advantages of portability, compactness and optimal wireless experience, without a doubt it is one of the most interesting options currently available on the market. .

Currently we can already find the Newskill Pyros Ivory Speed ​​, in addition to its normal version , available in pre-purchase through the official Newskill website under a price of 79.95 euros, with an exclusive launch offer for its website that will reduce its price to 69.95 euros during the first days. Thus, soon we will also be able to find it at its normal price in other distributors such as PcComponentes and Amazon .

Final Assessment

Construction quality 8

User experience and software 8

Installation and configuration 9



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