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Newskill Themis PRO RGB, review: sliding in full color

Neither the ice rinks nor the Christmas trees, if you want to slide and have more colors than ever, without a doubt your present this holiday season is the new Newskill Themis PRO RGB . And it is that although it is an always forgotten companion, there is no proper gaming setup without a good mouse pad.

Although many people tend not to pay much attention to these peripherals, the use of low-quality and excessively cheap models can end up being expensive, not only due to the presence of poor quality materials that end up wearing out and losing their sliding properties , but even presenting other problems such as folds or deformities, in many cases irrecoverable. An experience that, in addition to visually dirtying our setup, undoubtedly ends up affecting our use.

However, it is not necessary to go to three figures to find quality products such as the Newskill Themis, one of the two models recently presented by the Spanish company , which in addition to high-quality materials , offers us multiple competitive advantages and quality of life.

Starting with its packaging, we find a large box, inside which we can find the mat rolled up like a cylinder , thus avoiding any type of forced folding to ensure not incurring any deformation. Furthermore, this type of packaging offers great ease of extraction and handling , being able to unfold it directly on the table in just seconds.

Although it will be better if we have this surface prepared, since in terms of size, the Newskill Themis PRO RGB Extra large is presented as a model that we could consider as XL, with measurements of 94 x 40 centimeters in surface . More than enough space to place all the peripherals of our set up on it without problem, allowing it not only to function as a sliding surface for the mouse, but also the opposite effect for our keyboard.

In fact, it will not be difficult that even with both peripherals on it, we still have some space to place other devices such as microphones or headphones, protecting the table on which we place this mat.

Although without a doubt the greatest attraction of the Newskill Themis is its material . And it is that this whole family of mats is built under the collaboration of Cordura, offering a surface made of cordura cloth , a material that offers us significantly faster sliding speeds than others much more than a surface where place your peripherals. Thanks to this material, you will enjoy an incredibly slippery mat, in which your movements will have no limits, but with all the security offered by its non-slip natural rubber base , with much faster and more precise movements.

The combination of these materials makes it a very resistant mat. And is that thanks to its 4 millimeters thick (usual thickness in this type of mats) we will have enough resistance to perfectly withstand the dragging of the mouse, avoiding the effects of abrasion and deformation.

In addition, its elegant black surface is prepared to resist splashes and avoid stains , and its seam on the edges is not only decorative, but also has the function of preventing possible tears and unstitching, expanding the life of the mat under fearless use.

On the other hand, this mat has a simple installation that only requires connecting the USB-C cable to our computer to make it shine, we will also have our own configuration software. With it, we can choose between different lighting modes and colors, including the classic fixed, breathing and rainbow modes, and a customization with millions of colors.

Regarding the user experience, without a doubt an important leap is noted compared to the smaller mats focused exclusively on mice. And it is that on more than one occasion I have seen some of my movements linked to the little space of my mat, having to incur numerous movements to lift and slide the mouse again, and even some involuntary hit against the keyboard.

Some gestures that although they do not suppose a major effort or problem in the day to day, they do end up adding a few seconds of delay with respect to my actions in the games, a fundamental difference in the vast majority of titles in the scene competitive.

However, after a short period of adaptation, I have noticed how thanks to the huge surface of the Newskill Themis, I can perform wider movements without any fear , and even place the mouse at a further distance away from the keyboard comfortably, without having to worry about cable lengths or other obstacles.

In fact, I have not only noticed this change when it comes to games. And it is that unfortunately I have a bad habit of ending up “drained” on top of my chair, in positions that are often really incorrect and incompatible with the normal use of my peripherals. Something that I have been able to remedy (luckily not by recovering the health of my back) thanks to the enormous possibilities offered by this mat surface, which in my case, completely covers the visible part of my desk.

Thus, although for this analysis we have had the largest version (to my personal taste, undoubtedly the most attractive of all) in addition to its two variants with and without RGB lighting , we also have We can choose between two size options for both mats, with a more classic model of 46 x 40 centimeters that will provide us with a great base for the mouse, maintaining the same thickness of 4 millimeters.

Currently we can already find all the variants of the Themis Pro RGB mat available for purchase through the official Newskill website , with prices starting at 39, 95 euros up to 49.95 euros for the XL version analyzed. Although, as is the custom of the brand, we will soon be able to find them also available through other local distributors such as Amazon and PcComponentes .



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