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The Hope series! We are in time ‘, by El Gatoverde Producciones, is financed through crowdfunding and will show the real projects underway to put a stop to climate change

Maintaining independence in content, in a subject as hot as the weather, requires clean financing of interest. Crowdfunding, on the Kitckstarter platform , is still open and a small push is needed to reach the goal of 125,000 euros before next December 16 .

“Although it seems incredible, a series has not yet been produced that explains what we have to do to defuse the threat of climate change. Until now “, explains Javier Peña, developer of the project and host of the series.

Gatoverde Producciones was created to carry out cinematographic, documentary and animation projects that “lift the carpet, remove you on the sofa, connect you to the screen with an umbilical cord,” they explain in their presentation, and add: “At Gatoverde we believe that yes a change is possible. A change towards a world without borders, more supportive and egalitarian, in which people and the environment are at the center of everything.

And his proposal is a documentary series that will show what real projects and solutions are underway today to turn around climate change.

Javier Peña, founder of Hope! In Pie por el Planeta, he is the most successful environmental influencer on Facebook with his videos on the climate crisis and its solutions, and his tireless work is the basis of the Hope! We are on time.


The idea of ​​making a documentary series for television focused on solutions to curb and confront climate change has its origin in the success of the “Hope! On foot for the planet ”, created on Facebook in 2018 by Javier Peña, a young father who left his job to publish videos analyzing the climate situation, which included the dissemination of the urgent measures that must be put in place to stop the climate change. climate change, backed by scientific data.

Today Hope! It is a global phenomenon on the Facebook and Instagram networks , having around a million and a half followers and its videos, in three years, accumulate more than 500 million views, becoming in such a short time the environmental ‘influencer’ of more impact in the world on the Facebook network.

During this year, Javier Peña and the production company El Gatoverde have designed the project of a documentary series for television that reflects their coinciding ideology: environmentally and socially committed, serious and mobilizing: Hope! We are on time.

The series will consist of 10 chapters, each one dedicated to one of the 10 fields of our daily lives (electricity consumption, transport , food, etc.) that have an impact on climate change, focusing on solutions and always relying on interviews with experts on each of the topics.

In Hope! We are on Time techniques such as augmented reality, spectacular locations, a careful image and an exciting narrative will be used to show that there are people, groups, companies and administrations that are leading the solutions, as well as to make visible the barriers that must be broken down to change the course definitively.


The idea of ​​organizing a crowdfunding for part of the financing of the Hope! We are in Time seeks, above all, to maintain total independence in the contents, without external conditions, and to create a network of people concerned about solutions to the climate emergency, constituting a community of support for the series.

Up to now, around 100,000 euros and almost a thousand sponsors have been achieved  , the vast majority of which are individuals from all over the world. This crowdfunding, on the Kitckstarter platform  , is still open towards a first goal of 125,000 euros, which must be reached before next December 16.

Given the interest of some companies and entities in participating in it, a specific rewards campaign has been launched for impact companies and entities. The content of these awards is focused on conducting training courses to explain existing solutions to prevent climate change, to workers, managers, customers, partners and suppliers of interested organizations and companies. In each case, adapted to the corresponding sector.

These rewards will go to organizations and companies that make donations between 1,000 and 5,000, which will also have visibility with a mention on the website and in the credits of the series.

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